Chest (Hair) Care

I've been thinking a lot about chest hair lately. Yes, I'm a woman and I don't have chest hair. So this is from a woman's perspective regarding men's chest hair, or lack thereof. First off, chest hair is underrated, and I'll guess that most men don't think much about it (translates to: don't groom their chests). Now with the warmer weather on the horizon, I'm hoping to see you men showing off your gorgeous chest hair, letting it peek out from a v-neck tee or less one (or two, or three) button down shirt.

So here's the deal about chest hair:

  1. Natural is better - Despite what you think or what your guy friends tell you, a confident woman likes it natural, whether you don't have much hair, or have a lot of it, even if it's gray (think silver fox) -- boldness and masculinity abound when you are proud of what you have and show it.
  2. Keep it clean, soft, and smelling nice - Guys, you sweat. While I love the natural look of your chest, serious bonus points if you wash it with a conditioning shampoo or soap, and moisturize the hairs and skin underneath with a great smelling with a few drops of non-greasy oil. Bonus points for applying a little of your favorite fragrance to the chest area.
  3. Chest care - Women take care of their chests, why shouldn't men? Did you know that some of the first signs of aging appear on the chest (for example, sun spots and wrinkles). You can prevent, even reverse some of these signs by simply moisturizing the chest area daily. I apply oil to my chest area twice a day, and always use SPF when going for a run or to the beach where that area is exposed.

Favorite LMS products for chest care: Shampoo, Soap, Oil, Perfume

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