Fragrance Layering

Applying fragrance shouldn't be limited to spraying a little perfume on pulse points; intensify and add longevity to the scent of your favorite brand by layering products.

Land Meets Sea products are meant to be used with one another so that you can achieve an allover, more complex fragrance on different parts of your body that complement one another. Wash hair with SHAMPOO for an orange, minty fragrance; shave with SHAVING CREAM for an herbacous, woody oriental scent on the face; apply our FACE OIL for a soft floral and woody scent. Our new SKIN CREAM is our favorite base for fragrance layering; it has an allover slightly sweet, woody and balsamic fragrance. Finally, add a top layer of your favorite PERFUME especially the neck area, rubbing into the skin to blend with the layers of other LMS products to increase longevity, uniqueness, and intensity. (Additional tip: apply fragrance on top of your clothing, especially near the neckline -- clothing can hold natural fragrance for a long time).

Keep in mind that different parts of the body hold scent differently. Hair is an excellent conductor for holding fragrance. Soap also adds a more subtle, yet long-lasting, fragrance layer.

Sensitivity to fragrance in the workplace? Save the perfume for after work, and simply layer your favorite body care products for a more subtle daytime fragrance that doesn't overwhelm your coworkers.

The good news is that LMS products are not overpowering, and all of them achieve a more personal and subtle fragrance, even our perfumes.

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