This is a seductive and sultry unisex fragrance, with top notes of soft orange, apricot, and saffron that are wrapped in a marshmallow base of vanilla and orange blossom. Middle notes of dark chocolate and amber appear throughout wear, while Hawaiian Sandalwood peeks through like some lush land in the distance seducing you.

Inspiration: this scent was inspired by my history as a perfumer and our original "moonshine", later renamed Bootlegger, fragrance. I've added mandarin, saffron, and a hint of chocolate. This is a velvety soft and layered fragrance that changes on the skin with the rich orange top notes not burning off too soon.

Choose size from drop-down menu: 50ML Atomizer in a box, or 9ML Roll-on.

Top: Tangerine, Saffron
Heart: Cocoa, Sandalwood, Amber
Base: Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Nutmeg

Ingredients: triple-filtered USDA organic grape alcohol, essential oils, CO2s, and absolutes

Made with 90% certified organic ingredients

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