FATHOM THIS Eau de Parfum


A sacred floral that starts off spicy and bright, then softens to reveal florets of immortelle wrapped in vanilla dust and myrrh. Notes of aged rose, vanilla talc, incense, and tarragon.

Inspiration: this scent was inspired by that ruminative feeling that I get when I walk down a long path to the sea. In Maine, that path is graced with wild rose bushes, honey bees, sweet woods, and dry sea air. (Fathom is also a nautical term for the span of a man's outstretched arms).

Choose size from drop-down menu: 50ML Atomizer in a box, or 9ML Roll-on.

Top: Pink Peppercorn, Tarragon
Heart: Bulgarian Rose, Immortelle
Base: Myrrh, Sacred Woods, Vanilla

Ingredients: triple-filtered USDA organic grape alcohol, essential oils, CO2s, and absolutes

Made with 90% certified organic ingredients

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