RUNNING RUM Eau de Cologne


A masculine fragrance with a gorgeous underlying funk. Velvety and creamy as a peach, this boozy leather scent combines notes of tobacco molasses, opulent rum, and the mysteriously dark sweetness of elderberry flowers. While taking you, you'll note hints of clove-spiced black currant.

“Running Rum” is the name for the nautical bootleggers, who smuggled rum during prohibition.

Choose size from drop-down menu: 50ML Atomizer, 9ML Roll-on or 2ML Sample.

Top: Leather, Peach
Heart: Tobacco, Rum, Spices
Base: Amber, Vetiver, Dark Florals

Ingredients: USDA organic cane sugar alcohol, essential oils, CO2s, and absolutes

Made with 90% certified organic ingredients

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