Day one of the new website and my first entry. Just a quick note — my “letters” are freely written, without premeditation. Enjoy the ebbs and flows of them, and their imperfectness.

Meantime, I’ve been working to make this site reflect more of who we are, with a focus on nature — land and sea. These are the things that inspire me to create beautiful personal care products, and fragrance. It’s when I am by the sea, or walking through the deep woods that ideas often come to me. For example while running through the forest recently, I had the idea to change our fragrance lineup to two collections: LAND and SEA. This might sound simple, but it really inspired me to create specific fragrances that had qualities of each environment. I’m still working on those fragrances (admittedly I’m behind due to the website redesign). Also, while I’m all for “unisex”, my approach to perfumer is very yin yang, and my goals can only be achieved by embracing the feminine and masculine qualities of every essence. I’m excited to share my creations, that come from years of learning, with you.