Welcome to the new Rewards program!

$5 = 200 Points

$10 = 500 Points

$25 = 1000 Points


Get points:

- Sign up or login to an existing account to earn points. You will automatically earn 200 points once you sign up or if you have an existing account.

- Every time you spend $1, we'll give you 1 point!

- Refer a friend and receive 500 points. A 10% off coupon will be sent to the referred friend.

- Earn 50 points just by sharing, liking, and following us on social media.

How do I redeem my points?

- Once you've created your PGS account, you can start earning points.

- Track how many points you've earned by clicking on the orange tab Get PGSPoints at the bottom of the page.

- You can start using points once you've earned a redeemable amount, or save up for a larger discount. Simply click Redeem under the Rewards tab and you will receive a coupon code to be used at checkout.