NEVER SETTLE Eau de Parfum


A marine-inspired scent with notes of choya, sea grass, japanese fruit, white musk, and mint combine to make this a complex, refreshing, and modern scent. For everyone and every season.

Inspiration: wild lands by the sea, the farther north, the better. I have stood at the edge of these lands where the scent of cool glacial breezes and musky sea grass fill my nose.

Choose size from drop-down menu: 50ML Atomizer or 9ML Roll-on.

Top:  citrus, spearmint, glacial ice
Heart: pink peppercorn, jasmine, grass
Base: crushed seashells, aged patchouli, frankincense

Ingredients: triple-filtered USDA organic grape alcohol, essential oils, CO2s, and absolutes

Made with 90% certified organic ingredients

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