EXFOLIATING BAR - Cocoa & Black Pepper

EXFOLIATING BAR - Cocoa & Black Pepper


Made with pumice, coffee, black pepper, aged patchouli, Japanese peppermint, and moisturizing natural oils, has a deep complex peppermint and coffee fragrance and is slate black in color, from the addition of activated charcoal, which naturally lifts toxins from the skin.

Ingredients: ++olive fruit oil, ++palm oil, ++coconut oil, +safflower seed oil, glycerin, activated charcoal, pumice, purified water, +coffee oil, +black pepper oil, +peppermint oil, +patchouli oil, +cocoa absolute, +myrrh, +vanilla co2, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, oat protein, and titanium dioxide.

+ Certified Organic

++ Wild Harvested

5oz slowly hand poured into cube molds and wrapped in eco-friendly cellophane film

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